Gtop and chaera college au!
Title: When in College, chapter 1
Character(s) / pairing(s): Jiyong / Seunghyun, Chaerin / Sandara. Hints of other pairings.
Rating: PG
Word count: 3495
Warning: WIP. College AU. Or perhaps those two only serve as an incensive to read? Also my first time writing chaera, let me know what you think! It's always both exciting and a challenge to write an otp for the first time.
Note: I wrote most of this in... 2012, but for some reason always put off uploading it. Now it's here, and I'm determined to finally finish a chaptered fic for once! Please support me with that goal as my trackrecord with aformentioned chaptered fics isn't so good, haha. But we can do it together! Yeah!
Summary: Double dates are confusing: you might just end up falling for the wrong person.

It was an early Wednesday in October and Jiyong was feeling good.Collapse )

Absence (makes the heart grow fonder)
pokémon special
Title: Absence (makes the heart grow fonder)
Character(s) / pairing(s): Green / Blue
Rating: PG-15
Word count: 2922
Note: Personally pleased with this fic. I tried to include more of the pokémon world, like game locations, to both give the fic a more 'complete' feel and to express my love for said world. The mentions of Hoenn are completely self-indulgent (favourite pairing + region in one fic! perks of being a writer!) but justified by the upcoming remakes, no? Enjoy and let me know what you think! :D
Summary: They were apart half of the time, but they made it work.

Every day he'd receive texts from his girlfriend, in most cases accompanied by a photo.Collapse )

Fan account: my sister's shoot with G-Dragon

(Note: reposting this fan account from 2012 as I'm active here now and like to have everything in one place!)

Details on the OoaK album shootCollapse )

Fan account: cf shooting of GD and my sister's roommate

The girl you see in this cf is -coincidentally!- my sister's ex-roommate. She mentioned she had shot a rather funny / nonsensical commercial with GD, and it turned out to be this one. I requested my sister to ask her a little about the shoot, and this is what I can tell you :)
details on the cf shootingCollapse )

Personally I was glad to hear all this and I hope it was also of some interest to you, even though it was a little short! If you have any questions feel free to ask, though I can't guarantee an answer (unlike before, after all, I did not get this information first-hand).

And, lastly: you're very free to link this information, but do not take out. Thanks in advance :)

(Late) happy birthday Mino!
Title: (Only) because it's your birthday
Character(s) / pairing(s): Jinwoo / Mino, other members
Rating: PG
Word count: 3465
Note: Pretend that this was posted one hour earlier, and it's still in time for Mino's birthday! Fluffy domestic minwoo fic because.
Summary: Mino wishes it were his birthday every day. Jinwoo does, too.

There is an unspoken consensus that on your birthday you can lie in a little while longer.Collapse )

Pokémon Special drabbles
These are two drabbles that I found in my notebook. They'd been old requests and I thought I should publish them here! You can always do requests of your own of course: who knows I'll have a look at it. :-)

Green / Blue, parenting (475 words)

The unpleasant truth of the matter in this case was that he and Blue weren't exactly model parents.Collapse )

Ruby / Sapphire, first date (390 words)

Of course Ruby wasn't nervous. He wasn't.Collapse )

Welcome new otp
Title: Kitchen tales (and kisses)
Character(s) / pairing(s): Mino / Jinwoo
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2362
Note: First (though maybe not last?) Winner fic. I particularity blame their Heirs parody, because after watching that I just had to write something for them. Set during and after episode 8 of Winner tv.
Summary: It's 2.30 a.m and Jinwoo is still pretty. Mino can't be blamed.

Jinwoo makes a very pretty girl and it's pretty confusing.Collapse )

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Fic for the melancholic season
Betty black-and-white
Title: Mirages
Character(s) / pairing(s): Green / Red, the Oak family.
Rating: PG
Word count: 1868
Note: apparently this was a story I needed to get out of my system. Too many Green and Green/Red feelings after watching Pokémon The Origin (which I highly recommend and which ought to have been longer than just the couple of episodes, thank you very much). Beware for the angst because unfortunately this is a relationship that spells just that. (Though as a writer I'm secretly delighted about that of course...)
Summary: Forgive and forget is not an option where Red is concerned.

There's a fine line sometimes between one emotion and the other and nuance never has been Green's ally in life.Collapse )

New gtop community!
Because I can't help but miss writing about my otp, I've created a separate journal for that purpose. Basically I'll write down all my thoughts on my favourite k-pop otp + dear bias Kwon Jiyong there, from the nonsensical and random to the maybe somewhat more sensible.

If you're interested, do join! Also feel free to tell others who might be interested. The journal is set to members only, will soon make my first posts I expect. :)


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