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Journal of snoaz


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Black and White

I like to

Watch the world unfold itself every morning, and realise that no day has ever been the same – and never will be.
Be in church – alone – and let the silence overwhelm me.
Go through my closet and admire every single clothing garment I take into my hands; thinking about where I bought it, where I wore it, what should go with it.
Stroke a cat’s fur and listen to its rhythmic purring.
Feel the wind in my hair when on the beach; the sand on my skin, the salty water tangible and close.
Wonder about all the things left unsaid, spoken in silences and smiles.
Drink tea in delicate cups and talk with friends that have been missed too long.
Catch the scent of roses and think about history and nature and love, all encompassed in one single petal.
Take pen to paper and watch letter follow letter; word follow word.
Go to bed in the realisation that, for now, tomorrow is still something to be lived.

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