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Introduction Post
Betty black-and-white
Good day to you, this is Snoaz. You may know me from the Pokémon fandom or the Big Bang one. I've been writing fics for a while now and I like to muse about my otps (especially gtop).

This page is semi friends only: stories will be viewable for all but most of my other posts not. So leave a comment here or message me if you wish me to friend you back! It helps, of course, if I already know you or if we have similar interests. :-)

MASTER FIC LIST for reading; ASK.FM for questions; GD and TOP for otp thoughts


hi there

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks :) Most of my stories are on FF.net, but I'm trying to be more active around here, haha.

I'll friend you back!

Hi, Snoaz! This is Bijouie from ffnet. I find your writing to be quite refreshing and gorgeous and I adore it. It led me to your LJ.

I hope you don't mind but I friended you. Hope you friend me back too! :)

O//O I don't find my writing to be that special, especially compared to my favourite authors on FF, but I'm really happy to hear that you like the stories, of course.

I'll gladly add you back! I already saw on your profile that we have some similar interests, so that is good, haha. <3

psst, this is system from PC

Hey, Snoaz! I must say that your Pokemon fanfics are just fabulous and I would like to try to know you a little more. :) So, uh, you can friend me back if you wish.

Re: psst, this is system from PC

Hey! Oh, I'm flattered; even after all this time I'm still not that used to compliments regarding my writing, haha.

And yes, I'll add you back :3

Heyyy! (:

It's The Failpasta/Radieux from FF.net.

Mind if I add you? :D

Hey! Yeah, sure!

I must say I adore your icon, it's really very pretty :) Oh, and do you plan on updating your Oldrival fic any time soon? I want to see what happens next :)

(: Thank you! TheCandyStand makes the most exquisite icons. You should check them out sometime!

Ummm. Well, to be honest, I've sort of lost muse for it: over the past few months, my writing style has shifted massively, and looking back, 100 Days seems quite awfully-written, and I'm vaguely horrified by my sadsack attempt to write crack, ahaha x) But yes, I'm trying to finish the seventh chapter - it's about halfway done, I believe, and I do wish to see it finish, too.

(: I must thank you for the fact that you still want to read that, haha x)

And, wow, okay, I totally forgot about the fact that I'm not logged in on Firefox, but am on Opera. My bad )8

Hi, Snoaz! This is Bijouie (otherwise known as ingenue-sarah from my old LJ account.) I had to create a new journal because it wouldn't let me change my email account on the old one :c

Can I friend you again?

It doesn't? That's weird. But sure, I'll add you again (:

(Deleted comment)
Oh, thank you! :) And yes, you can friend me; I'll friend you back.

Love your icon btw!

All right, we seem to have similar interests so I'll add you back!

Hello, I am one of your tumblr followers and thought I'd follow you here now that you've decided to leave. :)

Hello! What is your username? (out of curiosity, maybe I'll recognise it ;-)

My user name there is aeryn28. I only comment sometimes

I think I've seen that name. All right, I'll add you.

Hello! I am one of the anons that asked you GTOP questions on tumblr ;P Hope you will post whatever GTOP observations you may have on LJ - I would love to continue reading them :)

Haha, I've always been a bit curious who my anons are, honestly. What's your tumblr user name?

And yeah, I'll post about whatever I feel like on here and seeing a gtop is one of the things that certainly holds my interest I imagine that will come along too, haha. ;-)

I don't have a tumblr account so I have to post anon :)

Oh, I see. That makes sense, though I had not even thought of the possibility that some of the anonymous messages I received could be from people without an account (but who still 'followed' my blog.)

Right, I'll add you!

Giselle here~ ヽ(´ー`)ノ

did you create a separate account? can I unfriend the sellega one then? (too much incriminating stuff in that one? ;-)

i'll add you back of course xx

i'd love to read your musings about gtop!

in that case you'd best become a member of gd_and_top, it's where I've posted most of it!

(or you can follow me on twitter @limosella, where I post tidbits of it.)

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