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New gtop community!
Because I can't help but miss writing about my otp, I've created a separate journal for that purpose. Basically I'll write down all my thoughts on my favourite k-pop otp + dear bias Kwon Jiyong there, from the nonsensical and random to the maybe somewhat more sensible.

If you're interested, do join! Also feel free to tell others who might be interested. The journal is set to members only, will soon make my first posts I expect. :)

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Hi! I'm looking foward for it ^^
Fighting! ^^

thank youuu soo muuuchh <333

yes yes i feel the same, i miss hearing about them so much :c this is a fantastic idea!

glad you feel that way n__n

I'll add you!

I'm a silent fan of your tumblr. I loved your thoughts on BIGBANG and especially GD&TOP.
Since I've given up hope of ever seeing any interaction between them, I'm hoping to comfort myself with some of your (and the others in this community) writings. If you'll let me ofcourse :)

p.s. Ik was zo blij toen ik jouw tumblr had gevonden. Tot op dat moment was ik nog geen Nederlandse GD fan

Bedankt! Dat is fijn om te horen. :) En sure, ik heb heb je toegevoegd dus als je de uitnodiging accepteert ben je lid!

Received the invite, thank you!!

I read a couple of your fics before and i really liked them, add me juseyo ^^

Thank you! :)

I'll add you.

add me please ^^ I would love to join the community <3

I have added you! Thank you :3

a bit late to the party but i'd still like to join the new comm please

There's no expiration date for joining, haha. I'll add you!

wow im very late to this but can you add me please T_T

It's never too late, haha. I'll add you!

edit: could you please first send a membership request? Then I can add you.

Edited at 2014-10-15 07:11 pm (UTC)

how to send membership request? btw this is my second acc

You should be added now!

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