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Pokémon Special drabbles
These are two drabbles that I found in my notebook. They'd been old requests and I thought I should publish them here! You can always do requests of your own of course: who knows I'll have a look at it. :-)

Green / Blue, parenting (475 words)

Green wasn’t one for modesty; but he also wasn’t one to avoid unpleasant truths. And the unpleasant truth of the matter in this case was that he and Blue weren’t exactly model parents.

This was something he’d always been aware of. He was extremely busy in his position as Viridian gym leader, as was Blue with her whirlwind of activities of travelling; battling; research; contests; modelling and whatever else that caught her attention. Besides: they weren’t exactly the unselfish type. A lack of ego and self-centeredness weren’t prerequisites for good parenting, but they probably did help a great deal. And both goals seemed fairly unobtainable as far as Blue and he were concerned.

(Not that he minded, exactly, because he didn’t feel like changing and Blue wouldn’t be Blue without her daily compliments at the mirror.)

Yet despite all logical reasons as to why things would not go well once the moment suprême was there –  it somehow did. Blue claimed that of course she was an amazing mother (“I’m amazing at everything after all,” – “Yes, except being modest.")

Green for his part thought there probably was something like parenting instincts after all; vaguely uncomfortable at that line of thought because it sounded more like something Daisy would say, cup of tea in hand and knowing smile on her face.

The point was, that six months in he already loved his daughter more than anything else in this world, which was weird and perhaps (or definitely) a little terrifying; but mostly great. He took her out for strolls in Viridian Forest to let her get used to the wild Pokémon and nature. If the way she cooed at passing Butterfly was anything to go by, she liked it plenty.

Blue for her part told her stories and sang songs, some of which, she told him, she’d also let Silver listen to when he was scared and couldn’t sleep. One of her more popular stories was about a beautiful princess saving the prince from his tower, because, as she reasoned not entirely illogically, why let men always have the fun.

Frequent visitors had the habit of claiming that already at six months their daughter was beautiful and she’d turn into such a good-looking girl, which Blue readily agreed with of course but which Green thought was highly premature and a little preposterous – though then again, he also thought she’d be an amazing trainer the way she reacted to Pokémon so maybe had not grounds for judging.

One afternoon, as Blue held their little daughter to her breast and looked at her with a completely loving gaze, she spoke, “I’m so glad she gets to have a wonderful youth. That she gets all the opportunities in life.”

Green recognised the unspoken unlike me and placed his hand on hers.

Ruby / Sapphire, first date (390 words)

Ruby brushed his hair once more, peering into the mirror to make sure it looked its best. He frowned; brushed it again. And again.

From his bed, Coco and Nana were patiently watching him.

I’m not nervous,” he declared, though no-one in the room had dared suggest such a thing. Except maybe his own reflection. Compulsive hairbrushing usually was a sign of (slight) nerves with him, but then again: not nervous.

"I mean, I’ve hung out with Saph a thousand times already.” Coco and Nana nodded in unison. “Heck we’ve saved the world together. Well. Hoenn in any case,” he modestly allowed and resolutely put down his hair brush. "So what I’m saying is: why would this time be any differently?”

Coco purred in agreement and Ruby threw a pokeblock her way as a thank you for continued support.

Just then the doorbell rang. It alarmingly sounded like a death sentence.

He stared in the direction of the door for a moment, made a fruitless gesture with his arm as though he was trying to make the object or himself disappear —

"Ruby, are ya in there? I’m here!”

Sapphire’s loud voice carried through the house, and it was like a switch on Ruby: he relaxed instantaneously, smiled faintly and made his way over to the door.

Upon swinging it open he found Sapphire standing on the porch, a smile on her face and a bashful look in her eyes. He sometimes still marvelled that she dared let her guard down around him like that; that he had somehow earned that privilege. More than anything he supposed it was a sign of strength on her side: she’d always been the stronger one.

Sapphire wore her usual outfit, but he could see she'd brushed her hair and had put an orange Dahlia flower behind her ear. The colour didn't quite match with her outfit but –

“You look beautiful,” he thought and spoke at the same time.

Sapphire blushed in surprise, before waving the compliment aside. “Whadda ya talking about, I didn't do that much effort.”

“No, there is still room for improvement,” Ruby agreed and Sapphire hit him in the chest.

“Let's go,” she then declared and decidedly turned around.

Ruby smiled as he followed her, still rubbing his chest. Yeah, nothing was different.

Just a little better.