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Fan account: cf shooting of GD and my sister's roommate

The girl you see in this cf is -coincidentally!- my sister's ex-roommate. She mentioned she had shot a rather funny / nonsensical commercial with GD, and it turned out to be this one. I requested my sister to ask her a little about the shoot, and this is what I can tell you :)

She said she had had a nice day shooting the commercial. GD was very kind and interested: asking her if she liked Korea, where she was from, etc. However, when she answered the last question he didn't know what Poland was (I'm not sure if he didn't know the English word or if he didn't know the country in general.. I'm hoping for the first ahum). They also made jokes and overall it was just pleasant to work with him!

He had a private tent for him and his crew, but because it was cold outside he invited her to join them, as their tent was heated. She had some backstage pictures on her phone, but unfortunately she hasn't shared them.

Before this shoot, she had never heard of G-Dragon by the way, like probably most (foreign) models who work with him. The only thing the agency usually says is "he's a famous Korean singer." But later, when my sister put on a song by GD, she did recognise it, haha, so she must have checked out some of his songs or videos.

Overall it was a good day, and Jiyong seemed a lot more relaxed and in a better mood than during my sister's shoot two years back. Probably because in the latter's case, he'd been shooting the entire day already (plus all the preparations for his album in the weeks before). There of course was also less pressure now: this was just a regular cf after all, not his album. So he could be joking around, etc. whereas in my sister's shoot he had hardly looked at the models. So this shows that you can get two very different impressions from the same person!

Personally I was glad to hear all this and I hope it was also of some interest to you, even though it was a little short! If you have any questions feel free to ask, though I can't guarantee an answer (unlike before, after all, I did not get this information first-hand).

And, lastly: you're very free to link this information, but do not take out. Thanks in advance :)

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Thank you for writing this up!

It seems that GD turns the charm on when he's in a good mood. :)

I do wish we had more of these accounts, especially from a non-fan standpoint.
It gives a different feel to hear how someone who isn't a fan or who has never heard of him thinks of him, and their interaction with him.

Right, that's also why I find it interesting to hear. It gives you the chance to see him in a different light, because usually as a fan the only sides you see of him are during concerts, interviews, etc. And it's even greater to be able to hear it first or second-hand of course: it makes him seem more like a 'real' person, not just a celebrity or someone on your screen.

The way he's described here is definitely very positive (friendly, interested, hospitable) of which I am glad! And yes, it does seem like he can be very charming when he's in a good mood, haha.

You're welcome!

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